Anti-corrosive Sucker Rod

                              HDPE Lined Rods  


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 This international patented product applied in severe corrosion and slant wells with five times longer cycle life and two times longer extended tubing life comparing to the conventional sucker rod.


Features and Advantage

   If you have serious sour problems, this product will save you a lot of money.

(1)   Spray welding corrosion resistant alloy on both ends of the sucker rod, high bonding strength, the tools will not damage the corrosion protection layer;

(2)   Polymer anticorrosive materials are coated on the middle of sucker rod body, coating materials help reducing anticorrosion sucker rod production cost;

(3)   Casting a hoop on the spray welding layer and coating joint to prevent corrosion medium permeate into the coating;

(4)   Smooth surface, no scaling, no wax;

(5)   Resistance to various acids, bases, salts and corrosive gases.

Our products passed the 3rd party lab full test in Canada. (see following sample test)


Technical Parameters

(1)   Coating thickness: 2 mm (0.079 inch)

(2)   Spray welding thickness: 0.1-0.15 mm (0.0039-0.0059 inch)

(3)   Heat resistance: -20 to 80 (-4H to 176H)



(1)   When hot wash wells, the water temperature should not exceed the specified temperature 80 (176 H).

(2)   Avoid collisions with hard objects and sharp objects during the operation.

(3)   Hard and sharp objects percussion is strictly prohibited.