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Drilling, Fishing, Workover Tools, Jars
Drilling Tools and Accessory:

- Type SJ Shock Absorber, Type YJ Hydraulic Shock Absorber, Type DHJ Mechanical-Hydraulic Shock Absorber should be connected with the drilling string close to the bit. It can reduce or absorb both longitudinal and circumferential vibration of the drilling string in drilling operations. It can achieve the optimum combination of drill pressure and drill speed, reduce the drilling cost and promote the drilling efficiency. 

- Type WL Integral Blade Stabilizer. 



- Type WH Sleeves Stabilizer has the functions of integral spiral stabilizer. It can be suitable for the well with different diameters by changing different bearing sleeves, and also can be extended the service life by replacing the same bearing sleeve. 

- Type HYQ Reamer: We have two type of tri-cone reamers - Drill string type and down-hole type. 

- Type TLQ Hydraulic Thruster changes bit nozzle or down-hole motor pressure drop into drilling pressure, which can not only solve the problem of different application on drilling pressure in directional wells or horizontal wells, but also can act as a compensator of lifting or dropping in offshore drilling operation. The tool can also improve the deformation of drill tools, reduce the damage of drill tools and improve drilling speed. 

- Type DZ integral Short Drill Rod.

- Type DZT Short Drill Collar

- Type ZT Slick Drill Collar meet API specification

- Type SZT Spiral Drill Collar ¨C API certified drill collar

- Type FF Float Sub is a new-style drilling tool inside blowout prevent. During normal drilling, valve is opened and drilling fluid circulation is fluent. When kick or blowout happens, the valve cap shut off in order to achieve blowout prevention. When tripping in or out, it prevents drilling fluid flowing from back and prevent mud entering into the drill string to realize the function of preventing block. It is a special tool for preventing blowout and block in drilling operation.

- HY Throw-Type Back Pressure Valve is an internal prevention. When blowout is going to happen, the Kelly rod should be removed immediately and the back pressure valve assembly should be put into the water hole and then pumped downward to the required place. Thus, the blowout can be prevented. 

- Type JF Arrow Back-Pressure Valve is a sort of important blowout control tool of inside of the drill pipe. ItĄ¯s used directly connection to drill stem, and can prevent high-pressure oil stream from blowing out from drilling tool. 

- SJF Double Function Arrow-Shaped Back-Pressure Valve is an integrated tool which has functions of both the arrow-shaped back pressure valve and the mud globe valve. It reduces mud loss and ensures a clean rig floor. 

- TSDJ Lifting Sub

- Crossover Sub is mainly used for conversion and connection of the drilling string components. 

Fishing Tools:

- Type AJ Safety Joint is an essential safety tools for connecting the pipes in the well. The joint body is designed with the coarse buttress threads or special trapezoidal threads. 

- Type CL Fishing Magnet can magnetize and absorb small fallen metal substance, such as gear wheel, palm, tongsĄ¯ tooth, etc.

- Type LL Reverse Circulating Junk Basket is used to retrieve small-sized fishes, such as cone, cutter, hand tools and junks from the hole. The drilling mud can produce reverse circulation locally at the bottom of a well; therefore the fishing is easy. Moreover, it can be used as a special coring tool.

- Type LB Junk Sub is a practical and effective tool. It can be used to recover the heavier drilling cuttings or metal chips which are difficult to be lifted out of the borehole by normal drilling fluid circulation. 

- Type TLM (LM) Grapple Releasing Spear is a simply constructed and high strength fishing tool by which fishing job is performed through the interior bore of the fish. It is mainly used to recover the lost drill string, tubing and casing, and can also be used in conjunction with internal cutter, bumper jars, etc. to finish cutting and recovering at the same time.

- LT-T Overshot is an effective tool used for catch the fish with smooth external surface. Its circulation can be carried out under high pump pressure and the fish can be released on the inside of well. According to different application, it may be equipped with some accessories, such as extension sub, wall hook, enlarged guide, etc.

- DLQ Fishing Multifunction is a new and ideal fishing tool for cleaning the bottom of well. This Three-in-One tool has the functions of fishing cup, fishing magnet and claw fishing basket. It can be used for clawing the large-sized gear wheel and tongĄ¯s tooth. 

Drilling Jar and Fishing Jar:

- JZ Mechanical Drilling Jar offers mechanical jarring in both directions. 

- JSZ Mechanical Drilling Jas integrates the up jarring with the down jarring, with a shorter length at present. It can reduce the harmfulness of the flexural stress in down-hole operation, so it is more safe and reliable and is superior in offshore drilling and directional drilling. 

- JYQ Double Acting Hydraulic-Mechanical Drilling Jar is a jarring and stuck releasing tool. It integrates the up jar and down jar impact and can release the stuck accident occurring during drilling. Upon the request, the tool can automatically control the impact strength and times of jarring. It is an ideal tool for vertical well and deflecting well. 

- QY Hydraulic Drilling Jar - When down-hole drilling tools are stuck, the jar can provide a huge impact to unfreeze with up jarring or down jarring, thus normal drilling can be recovered quickly.

- YSJ Fishing Jar is designed on the hydraulic principle. 

- CSJ Super Fishing Jar is a hydraulic jar with a compact design, reliable seal, high strength and optimum up jarring effect. 

- YJQ Jar Intensifier is designed on the principle of compressible fluid. It is used in conjunction with YSJ fishing jar and CSJ super fishing jar respectively. It is installed above the fishing jar and the drill collar in operation. Its function is to impart acceleration to the up jarring rod so that the optimum upward jarring effect is obtained. 

- DJ Surface Bumper Jar is used to free down-hole stuck tools by producing downward jarring impact to the stuck portion at the surface of drilling platform, having the advantages of powerful jarring impact, reliable tonnage-adjustment and convenient utilization. It is especially effective for freeing key seal, tight-hole or sticky stuck tools. 

- KXJ Bumper Sub has a longer working stroke and it can deliver an intensive down jarring impact on the stuck point. It is a desirable unfreezing tool in fishing operation. 

- BXJ Lubricated Bumper Sub: The abrasive hydraulic fluid is fully filled in the working chamber of BXJ lubricating bumper sub so that the lubricating conditions are favorable during operation. This remarkable tool is higher jarring impact and longer service life. 

Workover Tools: 

- GGQ Casing Scraper is used to clean up the dirt which may be left over the internal wall of the casing, such as solid cement, hard wax, various salt crystals or deposits, perforation burrs, iron oxide resulted from rusting so as to make all down-hole tools can get past unblocked.

- TDX Casing Milling Tool is a requisite tool of milled window in casing, it used to cut and milling off a length of down-hole casing to sidetrack drilling. Casing milling and sidetrack drilling is a kind of process to drilling horizontal well and directional well in casing side-track. 

- ST Pressure Testing Packer is mainly used for the pressure test on the casing string and BOP stack. 

- SZZ Double Acting Casing Swage is a tool for down-hole casing repair and redress, having double acting function of up and down impacting, rotating and extruding outwardly. It can work safely, conveniently, reliably, quickly and effectively. 

- TBQ Casing Compensator: After the damaged casing is removed from the down-hole, this compensator can be tripped to connect new casing and old casing. 

Washover Cutters:

- NG Mechanical Internal Cutter is lowered to a given depth through the hole of the drill string to be cut. It is suitable for cutting different kinds of casing, oil tubing and drill pipe in oil and geological departments. If it is equipped with the pear, cutting and recovering can be completed at the same time. 

- Type AND-S Hydraulic Internal Cutter is a cutting tool which is hydraulically actuated by circulating mud.

- WD-J Mechanical External Cutter: Connected to the washover pipe, WD-J cutter can cut off and recover the pipe quickly and effectively, and is suitable for externally cutting drill pipe, casing, tubing and the like. 

- WD-S Hydraulic External Cutter is an external pipe-cutting tool which knives are hydraulically actuated by circulating drilling hydraulic load. It has advantages of simple operation and quick cutting. 

- MX Junk Mill: We have three types of junk mills: flat-bottom (concave-bottom) type, guide type and cone type.

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