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1.       More than ten years working experience in the Ministry of Machinery Building, P.R.C.

2.     Years experience in international valve industry.

3.     Years purchasing experience in China for many big corporations.

4.     Web presentation skill – we do web service by ourselves. Any info on the web in a minute.

5.     Deal with difficult problems.

6.     Widely network of Chinese manufacturers

7.     Flexible and Fun



1.     Ensure to be treated by correct quality assure system. (An ISO9000s certificate doesn’t guarantee good quality in some factories.)

2.     Easy communicate even with jargon, both English and Chinese.

3.     A real skillful  purchaser will work for you.

4.     Get tangible info from our web pages before you do on-site investigation. Save your time and save your money.

5.     Reduce your frustration to deal with the people who have different culture background.

6.     There have to be a choice to fit your needs. – One Stop Solution.

7.     Reasonable service charge and make your job easy. – We are on your boat.


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